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"When your beating off, make sure the volume isn't too loud so you can hear if someone is coming"

"Thanks for the Jizdom pal!"
by Carolla Digital June 12, 2013
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Coined by Adam Carolla. Advice, insight, tips and wisdom on all things related to masturbation.
Let me give you some jizdom, your should dial in your sessions to be under 20 minutes. Make your jacking area spunkshwey. "Look around, find something you like (porn) and get it done."
by elbachatino June 15, 2013
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Noun, rhymes with "Wisdom" referring to any advice which brings more pleasure to the giver than the receiver.

See also "advice."
All of his advice was self-satisfied jizdom.
by twunch January 16, 2019
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When , immediately after jacking off, your mind is cast out into the depths of the universe to see knowledge you could not dream to acquire in any other way. While once you were ignorant now you are enlightened.
Guy 1: Hey , did you study for that test next period?
Guy 2: Hell naw! But last night I jacked off and got some jizdom, can fucking speak Spanish now.
Guy 1: it’s a Trigonometry test you fucking idiot.
Guy 2: Fuuuuuu...
by ElectricSun January 06, 2019
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