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The worst possible kiss you can get from a girl in which she just sucked your dick and her mouth is full of jiz then she kisses you.
My girlfriend just gave me a jiss last night. It tasted like I just sucked my own dick
by The Chocolate Leopard April 10, 2010
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1. Dyslexic way of spelling jizz
2. A bloke I know
Jess is such a jiss stain
by Ballripper March 06, 2019
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When you urinate, after sexual intercourse or masturbation in which you have achieved ejaculation, Jiss is the chunky-ish white semen left over that gets shot out while said urination is taking place.
Guy#1: Dude this morning sex was great!

Guy#2: I know! Only, I had a large amount of Jiss shoot out, bounce of my toilet into my eye.
by ICP is the gayyest November 21, 2009
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We've all seen a jiss I'm sure. Also known as the gusher, the squirter, the juicer. This term is used for when a woman, gets butt nekkid squats down and ejaculates a hugely long triumphant ribbon of clear pisslike and jizzlike liquid during orgasm. However... its not jizz... its not piss.... ITS JISS
"I had this girl over the other night and damn i got JISSED on!"
by becy September 07, 2005
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