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A Korean girl name that sounds like some English names. It is highly recognized to be a name that can mean for short. Jinha is a name where girls tend to be short and recognized as "Santa's Hidden Elf." It can be used for Korean Girl names. Possibly Boy names but preferably Girls.
We can't hand out gifts without Jinha.
by SuitAndTie January 03, 2015
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JinHa is a boy he is very feisty and takes things very offensively so make sure you stay on his good side because he isn’t afraid to take things to far he can be very funny and nice if you are his friends he is very sensitive he doesn’t have the best looks but he has a special personality not a good or bad one but it’s interesting he is a bitch and hates being called names and when you confront him in front of someone for what he has did he will cry and act like nothing happened.
Bob:look that guys getting beat up by JinHa
Jeff:he must of called him a name
by Bob Jeff December 01, 2018
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