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One who repeatedly sings when most would just speak regularly.
Jim (singing): "I would just LOOOOOOOOVE a sandwich. Can you puhleeeeeaaaaaaase getttt me one?"

Sarah: "I'm breaking up with you, I can't date a jingler."
by RandomAwesomeSong May 07, 2011
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i mix between a boss gangster and that cool kind of dork who skateboards or does bmx and is loved by everyone.
your a jingler bro
by nawrkid0101 July 21, 2010
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A person who sings stupid jingles. songs in commercials.
Amy won't stop f#*%ing jingling all day long! What a jingler!
by 80's girl September 21, 2005
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most commonly used for describing a woman who cheats on her boyfriend or sleeps with other people while in a relationship.
fuck she is such a jingler
by Frostie October 03, 2005
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Something that can't be named; parts; like a thing-a-mejig
Im working on the jinglers for my cell project.
by Natester61017 March 14, 2018
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