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Jingled is when a sports fan, typically a Utah Jazz fan tricks an unexpected victim into clicking on a link which actually leads them to a meme of NBA basketball Superstar Joe Ingles with a caption that reads "You friccin moron, you just got JINGLED!"

In the meme, The prolific star Joe Inglesis featured wearing a Santa Hat accompanied by a photo of jingle bells and Christmas bows.

The meme is mainly used on Reddit and Twitter

Compare to being Rick rolled
I was reading through reddit and came across a link that said "Ben Simmons is trash and here's why" but it lead me to a picture/meme of the best player in the world Joe Ingles -76ers fan


by The Real Joe Ingles April 15, 2018
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Jizzing or ejaculating in your pants after a hot, good looking female passes by.
I jingled as soon as I saw the girl of my dreams pass by my house.
by vEXXX92 August 04, 2009
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