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Is an Arabic name that's plural for heaven. Girls that are named Jinan are beautiful, extremely hot and funny, they also have a great personality and they're very stylish. So you could say they're the full package. However Jinan can sometimes be a bitch in which she is brutally honest and says what's on her mind without giving a shit. Jinan has a very short temper and she's bossy.
Person 1: omfg look at this new girl.
Person 2: holy shit man, she's so hot I think she could be a jinan.
Person 1: damn look at that ass.
Person 2: oh yeah shes definitely a jinan.
by Champagne papi 123 April 21, 2017
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- Def. ONE:
Jinan roots back to Arabic. Jinan is the plural of Jenna which means heaven; so Jinan means heavens. It is fairly common but a pretty name for girls in Arabic cultures.

- Def TWO:
It also can refer back to the city named Jinan which is the capital city of Shandong province, in E China. It is a city which the Great Wall of China pass through.
- Example ONE:
1- Hello there.
2- Hello Miss.
1- I am Jinan from Lebanon
2- And I am Steven from the United State, pleasure to meet you.

- Example TWO:
1- Hey, where are you from?
2- I am from China, specifically from Jinan city at Shandong province.

1- Interesting, I think I heard of it while reading about the history of the Great Wall of China .
by Allawee July 20, 2010
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This person is generally caring and highly outgoing. Very generous while usually placing others' interests before theirs. Is primarily the organizer for group events yet is NEVER on time due to either A.) need for consuming more of an alcoholic beverage or B.) taming large amount of hair. Typically of a Lebanese or Arabic descent which, at times, can be exposed through heated verbal tirades and loss of temperance (whether it be caused by said alcohol consumption or repeated acts of irritation from others. e.g. a significant other). This person enjoys group games such as Rockband, Catch Phrase, Kings, etc. And is highly competitive in all things non-athletic. Possesses a beautiful spirit, intellect, and charisma while always believing they're correct.
"Yeah, we were trying to leave to go to the bar by 11, but Jinan has to blow her hair out."

"We're going to throw him a party but you're going to have to talk to Jinan about it; she's organizing everything."
by P Win February 02, 2010
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