Verb. Having a fat midget pick a fight with you, but upon naming the place and time the midget runs off and uses a pathetic excuse and has a friend deviate the truth of them running off. This fat midget may also go by the name Jimmy.

Jimmy'd also refers to when someone who lives in extreme cowardice, will act beligerantly towards those smarter and stronger than him, but in the first mention of a fight will talk about how hes 20 people to fight 1 unarmed and incredibly brave calculus student, then defend this cowardice by stating that they will have bottles, ultimately making them more cowardly.
"I heard there was a fight with you and a fat kid called Jimmy?" -friend

"Unfortunately I got Jimmy'd, he didn't show." -fighter

"Don't worry about being Jimmy'd for the fight at that other guy's birthday party, I've got your back" -loyal friend

"Was never worried about him, if he needs 20 people to take me then hes as scared as he should be." -fighter
by Unsatisfied fighter. November 11, 2010
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when a guy seems perfect in every even wait to have sex...he's seriously mr. perfect...THEN he gives you genital herpes and splits....even blocks you from his myspace, email, and facebook...reveals his inner douche bagginess....
tanyel: "did you hear what happenned to kate?!"
nikki: "she got Jimmy'd!"
both: "i really for for her...."
by Kate922 January 23, 2007
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To miss something. Came about after Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink missed an easy goal against Jens Lehmann.
Ah bruv, I've Jimmy'd the bus!
by kyasper August 19, 2005
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To be “Jimmy'd” is to be invited out for dinner or a drink believing that you and your friend will be the only individuals in attendance, but once you arrive, you learn that your friend has invited various randoms with whom he has previously shared employment.
“Ah, man, I totally got Jimmy'd when Steve invited me to dinner on Saturday, I walk up to the hostess and say 'table for two'... Steve interrupts and says 'actually make that a table for 8'. I got Jimmy'd.
by Several times Jimmy'd September 29, 2011
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The adding of firefox and ad-aware to a college computer
Again on monday morning the computer was jimmy'd
by philp November 09, 2005
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To ask someone on a date; and then at the LAST MINUTE cancel using some pathetic excuse. Examples include: the bank froze my account, the dog ate my credit card and/or I do not own one, my cell phone fell in the toilet and I can't call you, or my car blew up.
Goddammit she cancelled because she said she has a blackhead....I've been Jimmy'd.
by Wordzgrll July 11, 2010
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Similar to getting stank on your hang low. However, this phrase refers to the flap commonly found on the hind quarters of flannel "long johns." To be on the receiving end of anal intercourse.
After noticing the sly look on his face Dan asked, "James are you getting your long johns jimmy'd?"
by Markusftr June 08, 2017
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