Be sure to have a jimmie hat always, because it's 2010 and girls are DTF now more than ever. :)
by elfrifo420 February 3, 2010
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A complex device that can help prevent both overpopulation and intercellular war. This device can come in many different varieties - such as slippery, bumpy, and strawberry.

In other words, a condom.
Make sure you always wear a Jimmy Hat while wildly thrusting into the subject of your lust.
by Orange Dingo December 29, 2005
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"All the times I should have worn a Jimmy-Hat. All the times I said "what the fuck"" - nofx
by fatmike February 12, 2003
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A jimmy hat is slang for a condom.
Before you dip your stick, put on a jimmy hat.
by May 26, 2005
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i don't want no baby's mamas, so i use a jimmie hat
by drew September 6, 2003
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