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Type of ultra Cheap .22 pistol made from out of Zamac - an inexpensive alloy made of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. Saturday Night Special; Gun rumored to be used by criminals or lower level gang initiates.

Also known on the streets as "Jimmy Z"

Opposite: Deagle (Desert Eagle)
If you don't put the money in the bag, Jimenez is gonna go "BANG".

I got me a Jimenez with da chrome and wood grips.

Rafeta think he's all that just cuz he got hiself a pimped Jimenez. But, kernal Jo-Jo know better than dat - da Kernal don't mess 'round with no pimp gun like a Jimenez - he got a Deagle fity.
by Ricardovitz September 15, 2009
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1. Synonym for beast.

2. When someone slams someone else on thier head.

3. Synonym for genius.
1 and 2: Man he just Jimenezed that guy! He is such a Jimenez!

3. He discovered a cure for cancer, what a Jimenez.
by gr8greg9109 December 19, 2007
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A guy on guy dirty-sanchez
"Hey Luis, when did you grow that mustache?"

"Oh, it's not a mustache. I got jimenezed last night, and didn't wash up this morning."
by no1isthinking September 20, 2007
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