A young man ( in shape, hunky) who dances on stage for women and gives them lap dances for money and their pleasure.
That male stripper is so hot I almost got wet while he was giving me a lap dance, in my seat!!!
by Hockey Stick June 6, 2015
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A sexy Man who dances to loud music for the pleasure of womaen (or men) who pay.
Mr. Flexx is the best male stripper in the detroit area. His dick is bangin!
by Smoochez September 7, 2006
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A male stripper is a regular stripper but in a different gender. Please follow my youtube channel bc I need subscribers and im just a little girl looking for fame haha
A male stripper who is twearking on a pole and is reciving money by old men
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chiseled abs, attractive, energetic, handsome, confident, entertaining
male strippers
by elitekissagrams March 25, 2011
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