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A replace word for terms referring to a close friend or acquaintance.

Words like bro, bruh and bruv/ Sister, Girl are usually geographically based.

Jilla is free to use even for white people since terms like nigga can be problematic to use for a non black demographic.
Whats cracking my Jilla?

Damn lets talk about Greg.. That Jilla is in a bad spot right now.

I love you, my Jilla

That Jilla Laura is hot!
by Swag Jilla Snackz October 24, 2018
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Slang for Crack Cocaine mainly used in Brooklyn, N.Y. around the downtown area mostly Smith st., Gowanus, Wyckoff Projects and Red Hook
Yo did you see her? i think she smokes Jillas now
by Tone Get it February 13, 2009
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