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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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The art of a woman's tits or ass jiggling when she walks, runs, jumps or does any other physical excercise. Jiggling may also occur in a lowered car or lifted truck with stiff springs.
During the earthquake I wasn't even scared because I could not stop staring at Linda's jiggling boobs.
by Skids1 April 12, 2008
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To laugh so hard, and with your diaphragm that your entire body or upper torso jiggles/moves violently up and down.

JOL:Jiggling out loud
Jig is a shortened version
Jiggle:verb form, or a joke funny enough to cause jiggling
That was so funny I nearly jiggled to death.

I look ridiculous jiggling, but it's worth it.

I JOL'd after seeing you jiggle at my jiggle.
by The Original Jiggler May 04, 2010
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