An individual of mixed Japanese and Jewish ancestry. There are probably like seven of them.
I think Rabbi Yamamotoberg is Jewpanese.
by anonymous January 3, 2004
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An individual of half Japanese and half Jewish descent. Typically fond of sushi, bagels and mathematics.
Of course he's a great student, he's Jewpanese!
by Tojoskawitz June 22, 2009
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n. The rare combination of New York Jew and Japanese. With many Jewpanese there is a little Philipino mixed in as well, considering the fact that there are large populations of Jews and Philipinos in New York City. In any case, the Jewpanese person is hard to pick out of a crowd, and rarely seen.
I'm pretty sure that Asian-looking fellow was Jewpanese, with his strong New York accent.
by O'Doyle April 9, 2005
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someone who is a jewish person and also speaks jewish and japanese.
by Rachel Valdez February 22, 2005
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A person who is part Jewish and part Japanese. The one race which is superior to all others. Unfortunately, I only know of one existing.
"I hate spicks, gooks, and niggers, but I love the Jewpanese!"

"What the fuck!?"
by Jeebus Christ August 10, 2004
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