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1. A Jewish friend named Jeff.

2. MAY be used as an adj. in certain context.
1. How was your Hanukkah, Jewf?

2. Can you pass me a carmel jewf?
by ClareBarr January 31, 2008
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A good looking jewish male.
Source-Anceient Hebrew
The guy I meet at the bank was a real jewf.
by Jack December 03, 2004
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Derogatory abbreviation for "Jew Fucker." (Usually associated with positive stereotyping.)
Kim was too much of a horsefaced idjit to be a true JewF and have sex with Moses; so she dated a jiggalo redneck with a dick cheese factory, instead.
by sux0r February 01, 2008
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Jew-niversity of Florida, because its full of jews.
Dude I cant believe you go to JewF
by Steve March 24, 2005
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