(pron. Jew) Taken from the mis-spelling of Hey Can be used either as a greeting or an exclamation
1) Jeu! How you doing?
2) Jeu, where'd that go?
by DJNrrd October 10, 2005
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To replace words like "fuck, shit, dick, asshole, etc"
is used as a term of dislike or distain.
Jeu, Jeuie, Jeus
Man1: dude thats a Jeuie situation your in there.

Man2: JEU I KNOW! what am i going to do?
by Nuckman January 13, 2010
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jeus gaming jeus gaming jeus gaming jeus gaming jeus gaming jeus gaming, yass queen
jeus gaming.
by JeusGamingg March 21, 2021
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Jeus Chist is real. he was nailed on a cross and made chistmas and chistians
Person 1-Hey, do you know Jesus Chist?
2-Yeah, Jeus Chist is that dude who died and made chistans
by OuterZ March 3, 2021
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the true god, our savior, and when in shock, the first response should be "jues christo"
Don’t say ‘Jesus’ say ‘Jeus Christo’ dumbass.
by EwitsNairod January 11, 2021
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