Another term for high. In the state of mind that you feel as if you are flying when you are on some other shit. Usually called booted, high or common term faded .
Me: Yeo are you good?
You: Nah bro I'm jetted out my mind.


Me: How yu feeling?
You: Yeo im feelin like im air I'm f***** jetted .
by Kevin Locks June 24, 2010
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Expecting someone but not sure when they'll arrive.
Ben: Dude, where is Vince?

Kyle: I don't know, he's not texting me back.

Ben: Damn dude, we're so jetted right now.

Caitlin: Hannah was supposed to pick us up an hour ago!

Samantha: She's being such a jet right now.
by thatonedude23 June 15, 2011
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A Swedish slang that originates from the word Jetski or Private Jet, both describing something luxurious, nice or upper echelon.
X-"Thats a nice shirt, jet on jet dude"
Y- "Thanks bruv"
by Mallarn February 22, 2017
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An individuals ineptitude within their initial intercourse with another creature or anthropoid. Furthermore, the stigma associated with the mortals presence within a large vicinity unpleasantly disrupts all other people's ability to function at a fundamental level. Often when one is caught jetting they are inconveniently standing more than two meters away from the conversation in subject whilst still chuckling at the discourse. The self diagnosed personage often attempts to join a conversation, however, despite their best efforts cannot achieve any social competence.
I can't believe them/they would have the audacity to start jetting while we were having a meaningful conversation about the current socio-political climate.
by J*** Dawes April 25, 2021
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A person who is extremely kind , loving, loyal, faithful,full of love and forgiveness with a crazy side to him. This person will love u no matter what happens. This person is also naive and scared of strangers, an introvert but once you get to know them, that’s a different story. All Bark no bite. Always excited to see you when u come back from school or work. They often shower their love even to the ones that don’t deserve it. Clingy but you will love this amazing sweet person that deserves so much more in their life.
by wolfstarforlife November 19, 2017
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