A person who indulges on the higher things in life, something of a higher being,enjoys traveling to the top of buildings also known as something big or epic.Someone addicted to space, Also a rap artist from Buffalo, NY affiliated with Doe Boy Choch, Cut-life & Purple City.
by Nickelcity December 19, 2011
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Sex move for going down on a girl where you imitate the Jetsons mobile by blowing a raspberry into her snatch
The only way she could cum was with a good long Jetson:
by Crooked_J August 29, 2017
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When someone leaves only a small amount of money, food, etc. from you gigantic supply and takes the rest for themselves.

Inspired from the 1970's Hanna-Barbara cartoon The Jetsons theme song, where George whips out his wallet for his wife to go to rhe grocery store and pulls out a few dollars for her. In response, she takes the whole damn wallet.
My uncle just Jetsoned the 64 pack of cokes last night. I only have 4 cokes now...
by ninelives900 March 3, 2017
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The Jetsons killed many innocents on September 11th. It was a terrible event.
by Blaze the Flarxon December 24, 2016
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the moving runway in airports used to move you from terminal to terminal
After security, take the jetson past terminal B1 to terminal B3
by Lisa and Sydney June 12, 2004
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An insult you call someone who is retarded piece of shit who actually ate a wet Jetson knowing what it is. they are often extremely smelly because they don't shower.
"Oi that guy looks like a Jetson don't you think?" "Yeah I have heard rumours that someone put a wet Jetson in the fridge and he actually ate it!" "SERIOUSLY that's fucked!"
by Dr P phile October 24, 2019
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in the now old-fashioned style of the future as envisioned in the 1950's and 1960's, when it was assumed that all problems would be conquered by science by now, that we would live to 125, travel in personal spaceships, have robotic servants, and that Mom would prepare dinner in pill form with the touch of a finger in her space kitchen.
The old Star Trek episodes have a distinctly Jetsonic feel to them today.

That big concrete icon at LAX looks Jetsonic now.
by Yaybob December 10, 2007
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