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n. Someone who displays an unusual or embarrasing amount of enthusiasm for Jesus.

This term was first used in the 1960's in reference to the growing movement of radical, unconventional Christians who often displayed hippie leanings.
Hey, David, if you dance around like that, people are going to start thinking you're some kind of Jesus freak.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 02, 2003
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Someone who:
Has a bracelet,bumper sticker,t-shirt, etc with Christian phrases on it.

Is a born again Christian.

Goes to church.

Talks freely to many people about their beliefs.

Has the fire of Jesus in their heart.
by Jesus Freak July 05, 2003
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Someone who persists in talking about the importance of Jesus in their life and the world to the point of being rude.
Oh no, the Jesus Freak is spouting off again.
by Observer52 August 05, 2005
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A self-professed Christian who labors under the mistaken impression that Christians are persecuted in this country, and that he or she is commonly persecuted for his or her beliefs. These people usually attempt to convert everyone they know or meet to their own denomination of "born again" Christianity, thereby alienating a number of non-Christians as well as Christians of denominations not of their own, then attribute their subsequent shunning by society to a fictitious, widespread anti-Christian mania.
Josh: "Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm a Jesus freak."
Tim "Hi, my name is Tim, and I'm Jewish."
Josh: "You need the love of Jesus in your life! Repent! You're going to hell!"
Tim: *walks away*
Josh: "Why do you hate me? Why must I be persecuted?!"
by The World 2 May 25, 2007
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People of the Christian faith who become fanatical in their beliefs, eventually driving away friends with different religions, sexual preferences, ect. Note that not all Christians are like this.

While these people aren't "Bad" people,they are usually intolerant to others religious beliefs. They tend to tell those of other religion that they are going to Hell and that they need to convert to Christianity. These can also be those who preach about their respective denominations. There is also a possibility that they could be homophobic.
Jane: Hey are you a Christian
Joe: No, sorry. I'm a very devout Jew.
Jane: *gasp* OMG! We must save your soul! You must convert, lest you go to Hell!
Joe: Oh man, your a Jesus freak!
by W.R.C. Murphy July 12, 2008
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Someone who follows the christian religion , but has to tell everyone else how great their god is , and preach , and quote the bible all the time.Is often intolerrant of other's religion.
Gerry : man Fred is such an intolerrant jesusfreak !

Chloe : amen to that

Fred : did I hear someone say amen ! , does that mean you're finally going to convert to the one true religion ?!

Gerry: If your religion is so great , why do you have to force people to join ?
by Victoria Violet October 21, 2006
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