Chicken sandwiches served at Chick-Fil-A restaurants, so named because of the restaurant's practice and promotion of Christian principles such as being closed on Sunday. It also can refer to Chick-Fil-A itself.
Let's take a break from this mall shopping and head to the food court. I want a Jesus chicken and a lemonade, how about you?
by Highwayman56 May 13, 2011
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The slang term for a chain of fast-food restaurants called Chik-Fil-A. Usually used in a derogatory term to refer to their strongly Christian policies (being closed on Sundays explicitly for their employees to attend church), anti-gay policies and extremely large financial contributions to anti-gay-rights bills and amendments, both of which stem from the owners' interpretations of their denomination of the Christian bible.
I'm hungry, wanna go get some Jesus Chicken?
by Joreth June 3, 2011
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its chicken made by the lord. Better than KFC
i am going to eat at Jfc( jesus fried chicken)
by amatochayourspaghet January 31, 2018
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1.(n) when a large cactus has grown in such a way that a chicken appears to be on top, with it's 'wings' spread as though he were crucified.

2.(excl) a expression of surprise, usually positive. can be suffixed with 'christ on a bike', for added impact/effect.

1. sorrel: 'good lord, look at that cactus!'
vinnie: 'that's a sweet cactus chicken jesus!'

2. matt: 'hey guys, we still have some beers left!'
vinnie: 'sweet cactus chicken jesus (christ on a bike)!'
by true_pictsie February 13, 2009
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another word for the fast food restaurant known as chick-fil-a
I got my chicken sandwich from Jesus Chicken Palace.
by skylarcoy April 8, 2021
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