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A person, mostly a girl, who has amazing people skills. She is well known among the opposite sex, but she isn't a slut or whore. She's classy. Jesly is very athletic and involved in anything. She likes to make sure that everyone she knows and doesn't know is happy. Rarely does she break down, but when she does it's heartbreaking. She's a different type of person, but she is very easily loved. She is very artistic whether it be with music, art or theater. She is an "A" student. She is a very irresistible person and is hard to find. So when you find her don't pass her up. Jump on any opportunity you have with her because it'll be worth it. She's very beautiful and has an amazing personality. Treat her like a princess because she can treat you better than any other girl you'll ever meet.
-Damn, that Jesly chick over there is sexy as hell!
--Oh. I know what you mean! I heard she was a cheerleader, a singer and is at the top of her class!
-Oh, dang. Lemme holla at her!

--Yes? That's how you pronounce it.
-Aww, you're so beautiful.
--Thank you.
by jkiddsmiles May 01, 2011
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if your name is jesly, probably your parents couldn't decide wheather they wished you were a guy or girl. they probably though of jesse and said "wait, are you sure its not a girl? we could name her lyn?" then they decided to name you jesly. if not, maybe your parents just decide to slap their names together to form yours.
"Do you know Jesly?"

"Jesly? Who? Are you trying to say Jesse?"

"No, I mean Jesly."

"Who? Is that like Jesse and Lyn together?"
by kidblossom August 01, 2009
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