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Someone who is considered a great friend that everyone enjoys. Never loses his cool, Jesiah is considered an asset to any group of friends.
Wow, I wish we had a Jesiah us to makes this party bump'en!
by Jesaih March 02, 2008
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Jesiah’s are nice,cute,funny,and so sweet they can make u laugh even with out them trying they might seem off when u first meet them but once u start hanging out with them they will change ur life they are the ones that make ur frown turn upside down u can count on them for anything and once u have them don’t let them go
(Girl #1)that Jesiah dude is a little strange don’t u think

(Girl #2)actually he isn’t he is really nice and a really good friend u should start hanging out with him!πŸ™‚
by Hatlyn jinderman November 25, 2017
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