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Jesiah’s are nice,cute,funny,and so sweet they can make u laugh even with out them trying they might seem off when u first meet them but once u start hanging out with them they will change ur life they are the ones that make ur frown turn upside down u can count on them for anything and once u have them don’t let them go
(Girl #1)that Jesiah dude is a little strange don’t u think

(Girl #2)actually he isn’t he is really nice and a really good friend u should start hanging out with him!🙂
by Hatlyn jinderman November 25, 2017
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Someone who is considered a great friend that everyone enjoys. Never loses his cool, Jesiah is considered an asset to any group of friends.
Wow, I wish we had a Jesiah us to makes this party bump'en!
by Jesaih March 02, 2008
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Usually born in the mid to late 80’s or early ninetees. They have the greatest friends and family. They are usually very healthy and balanced. They give the best advice and are there for you in your time of need. They are great writers. when this person is gone from your life is like this beautiful, calm aura that is missing from your life, the wisdom and calmness and goofy attitude that you once knew is absent. If there’s any advice I can give you, is to not be like me, and to give them the care and respect they deserve, don’t make my mistakes, don’t get in your own way and make this person not want to be in your life.

There’s no one else like them in the world 🌍
Person1: I miss Jesiah! I wish he would understand how much I miss him!
Person 2: cheer up, he always understands

Person1: You’re right
by Johnny&Julissa September 06, 2018
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