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1. A more politically correct term of saying nigger rigged or ghetto rigged

2. to make or fix something with shoddy materials, or materials not meant for the job.
The antenna broke on the TV, so I jerry rigged a new one out of tin foil and a coat hanger.
by lvwebmastah July 31, 2008
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patched or cobbled together (a blend of jerry-built, meaning carelessly or awkwardly built and jury-rigged)
The jerry-rigged monitor only lasted three days before it stopped functioning permanantly.
by The Return of Light Joker April 10, 2009
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The actual term is Jury Rigged, but as always we just started changing it when no one knew that. It means fixing something with whatever is on hand.
I jerry rigged my door handle to stay on with duct tape and cardboard.
by The great ruiner July 02, 2018
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1. Jerry rigged is saying something is cheaply built or not created right.

2. A stupid thing my cousin says when something isn’t working right and got from romanatwood
Ex 1: you buy a Car from Bruce Honda and the car won’t start cause the engine is missing the drive plate and the gasket is replacing one of the dowel pins.
The car is cheaply built/ Jerry rigged

Ex 2: my cousin: β€œ this dumb bolt just fell out. The 4wheeler is Jerry rigged
by Familyrecordj June 06, 2018
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Two guys drug you and then they both piss in each of your ears, simultaneously.
"God, I hope I don't get jerry-rigged at the party tonight."
by gayinator2000 September 27, 2017
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