The most amazing friend anyone could ask for. Really nice, but sometimes very weird- but you love him anyway. Is always thinking of others before himself. Is sooo much fun to be around and joke around with, but is also an amazing person to go to when you just need to talk. Sometimes can get a big ego
In a bad mood?? Go talk to Jeremiah.
by 'insane'a October 07, 2010
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Jeremiah is a dude who thinks very intelligently, likes to be independent, he is also very attractive to many girls. When he wants company, he gets it because everyone wants to be his friend. He is usually the "cool kid" in school.
Usually, according to some superstitions, picking on or roasting a Jeremiah is considered bad luck.
Yo that awesome kid over there must be a Jeremiah.
"Oh crap I just roasted that motherfucker Jeremiah! Now I get bad luck shit"
by HarmlessTrust March 15, 2017
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Someone who talks alot, but still listens to what you have to say, too. Has cool, and has understanding parents. Has a really heart warming smile. Has curly hair, that he always trys hide. Sweet, honest, and caring. Has nice style. REALLY cute, kinda short. Will always text you back RIGHT away.
Who, Jeremiah? Yeah..He's the best. <3

Damn, he's such a Jeremiah.
by <3 aliyah ;P November 05, 2010
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A cool guy that is kinda weird but cool to hang out with.He will also get high with you.Also he is a little lazy.
Im bored so I should Jeremiah over so we can party.
by Jeremiah Pryor April 30, 2008
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An awesome guy. Always there when you need him. Also a real lady killer, there have been cases of girls being so enshrouded in vain jealousy they make fun of him anonymously from the internet. Although a man of his caliber does not pay attention to such narcissistic little whores.
Man Jeremiah is fucking awesome!
by illuvater November 03, 2010
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