(Noun) Person who frequents The Garage and/or The Inner Circle, and participates in Garagery on a nightly basis. Also known as and often referred to as a Jerdoff
All my friends are Jerdoffs!
Just sayin......
by Myk Mac January 10, 2020
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describes someone who is highly demanding, often shrugs the shoulders, "ehh" and "sshh" are key in their vocabulary, often says they have time for nothing else because they are so busy but in fact just bum around according to their facebook status, and says one thing but usually means another
while talking to a friend, said friend replies with the shrugging of shoulders and 'ehh'...."did you really just jerd me?"
by coco&chanel July 06, 2009
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If you don’t know what it is then you are one...
Guy: “that girl over there is the one true Jerry but y’all are just a bunch of jerds
by The one true Jerry July 14, 2018
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To have all your friend groups think you are a child predator for different reasons.
Jarad: All my friend groups keep making these pedo jokes! What did I do?
Jerry: It is just Jerding bro.
Jarad: But I didn't do anything!
by Tryyo April 24, 2020
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