a jewish nerd. someone who is a nerd and also practices judiasm.
James:Hey dude can I borrow like 50 dollars?

Ted:No, I am saving up for the new Halo

James:C'mon man, stop being such a jerd
by Biggie Smalls99 August 03, 2009
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describes someone who is highly demanding, often shrugs the shoulders, "ehh" and "sshh" are key in their vocabulary, often says they have time for nothing else because they are so busy but in fact just bum around according to their facebook status, and says one thing but usually means another
while talking to a friend, said friend replies with the shrugging of shoulders and 'ehh'...."did you really just jerd me?"
by coco&chanel July 06, 2009
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A jocky nerd; one who is popular and plays sports but also is a video game enthusiast.
I am a member of several game forums, but I also am on all my school's sports teams, which makes me a jerd.
by david cregg April 14, 2005
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a portmanteau of nerd and jock, combined together to make jerd. Meaning a person is both highly athletic and academic.
"Yes! I got 92% on my exam! And I made the auditions for extra choreography!"

"Sweet, good job jerd!"
by valiantwarrior December 23, 2009
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