Name of the fandom that supports the four bestest boys from WINNER. Stan talent, stan WINNER!
"Oh, you know WINNER?"
"Yeah, I'm an Inner Circle."
"Sis. You have great taste in men and music."
by October 8, 2020
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best people you will ever meet.
wow those guys r awesome
ikr must be the inner circle
by BABYGORILLA123 February 19, 2018
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The name of a small friend group consisting of four odd and quiet teenage girls.
Btw, hai inner circle :)
That’s a small friend group.

Maybe, but that’s the inner circle.
by calimca August 11, 2019
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The legendary Bethlehem PA group of former Bando parents, under the leadership of Captain Mike
The Inner Circle desended on the hotel bar for the free Happy Hour refreshments.
by Bohintze January 18, 2011
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The inner circle is the tight pack of some 6th graders going into 7th grade. They all are different but love each other the same.
“They are strange group of friends”
“No fucking dip mark,! They are the inner circle
by Averyelspeth July 27, 2019
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A group of people who fall in line under the leader or head of a particular group; Groupies. Often times, the members perform many sexual acts on each other (man on man AND female on female or vice versa), while enjoying the many fringe benefits of following the group leader.
Being in the inner circle has many benefits. I get to give Joe Budden head AND get his newest tracks before anyone else does! HA HA! *wipes cum off chin*
by Just The Facts December 20, 2005
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