A task that is considered easy. Generally this term is used in Australia.
Davo: Do you think you can finish those six beers before they close the pub?

Johnno: A piece of piss, mate. No worries.
by Geoffrey Menage June 5, 2007
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something that you don't like, something that sucks, isn't fun & etc.
I hate this car, it's such a "piece of piss."
by PrincessLocs May 14, 2018
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A job or task which should require little or no physical exertion in order to complete.
(Mainly used by the trades when assuring the apprentice that the job is easy (it often isn't.))
Just bang that up there then your done, it's a piece of piss mate.
by Thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm July 13, 2017
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Not QUITE a piece of shit, just a few notches above on the social hierarchy. Not really a BAD person but not an extremely GOOD person either.

Someone that does only the bare minimum to contribue to society. Anyone who only cares just enough to not be considered a waste of life. Someone who would not walk past someone who needed help but would only give the smallest of assistance because they really want to go fuck off and get high on meth and heroin so as a result render only the most basic bare essentials of aide. Someone who works a mediocre job in order to pay his bills and provide for his drug habits. He wont resort to crime to pay for his habits, but will only work a dead end job to cover his dope habits and still pay taxes. No interest in building or maintaining a fulfilling career or trade and is content with remedial retarded work to satisfy his needs.
His name will be something like Kyle or Gus or Clem or Jimothy or Staniel or Chadley. He is a strongly rooted in the customs of dwimplepeen and celebrates all three trimesters every year with out fail! In fact one might say he reaches his most PISSFULL state of mind during the contests and indulgences of dwimplepeen !! He has a runt of midgets acting as his only friends.
Do you know that piece of shit drug addict that rents out a shed in your neighbor's backyard?

-Yeah, his name is Stew Pidassal. I know him quite well... He isn't a piece or shit, he is a PIECE OF PISS. Dont be such a richard bruh! You should get to know him before you go judging him like that.
by Stew Pidassal November 22, 2021
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