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As the 1980's approached, the name Jennifer was largely used in the U.S., Jenny, Jen, Jenni, etc were born. Because all these names were too boring, names like Nifer and Jenne were created to show appreciation to those Jennifer's that are like no other. Also means "sexy beast".
by turbojenne April 24, 2007
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A cocktail made of 2 parts Shiraz wine and 1 part dry gin, shaken, and served in a water bottle.
If I drink another Jenne I'll end up walking through walls.
by saria_dono April 03, 2012
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The art of making an engineer's napkin sketch look visually fascinating. The ability to articulate a story using images and sheer creativity. A feat only achievable by a graphic design guru.
I am gonna have JB jenne this idea to win that 2 million dollar contract.
by VJn June 06, 2007
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