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A weird, cute girl who will seduce you with her awkwardness. She has a habit of being lazy, loves eating, and finds it fun to troll people. Although, despite her stubbornness, she is a very loving person. She treasures her relationship with others, and puts people she cares about before herself. If you find a Jenlisa keep her close, and keep her happy. (She is very scary when shes angry.) In return, you will find her to be a loyal companion who will make your life a lot more interesting.
Can eat like a Jenlisa.
She is such a Jenlisa.
Your a scary Jenlisa.
by FromIGK September 11, 2013
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Someone, nice and friendly, loves to make others laugh and she really cares about people feelings. People can think that she's weird and retarded (In a very good way) But she's a trustworthy friend to have!
Friendly Nice Jenlisa
by Her friend! December 26, 2010
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Jennie + Lisa
• rap line

• ready to bless ur soul

• softest couple

• girlfriends

• cheek kisses
• Lisa finding everything Jennie does sexy is now their main aesthetic
• very popular in korea and also the most popular blackpink's ship

• Lisa always chose Jennie
• my man, baby, babe, nini, li & ni, my lili
• we are a couple
• my Lisa guiding me
I love all the ships from BLACKPINK but my main OTP is JENLISA.

JENLISA is the realest.
by 4waysection July 18, 2018
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