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A straight up thot!!! A type of person tht will do anything to get attention from so many other ppl. Jenesy's are all tlk, they always say things but their all tlk no action!!! There the type of girl that'll send nakies to guys and thts how they're exposed. There're fast to tlk but when it comes down for a head up they back down. They scary ass bitches!!! They wont do shit!!! They tlk all this shit when they kno tht ppl cnt get them. They got nothin else better to do but go around and be fake and go out with other ppls boyfriends. They'll get to kno u and learn ur secrets then snake u.
Jenesy: I love u!!! <3

Boy: I bet
Jenesy: Whats tht supposed to mean??
Boy: I've heard stories bout ppl like u
by THEUNWANTED December 20, 2013
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