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The most hotest girl in the world but very mean bad in school but very smart all the boys love her named cutest girl in her school at every school and she really doesn't care about what u think of her shes just her and she hate lesbians too death but accepts gays never shy and is a amazing dances and fighter and singer

Jasmine:hey jenesis
Jenesis:wasgud homes

Tatiana: u dont want to fight jenesis
Maria:what dumb person would do that

If ur name is girls u are the best and always will be
by Dillan forchanes March 01, 2017
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Jenesis is a very bubbly shy ongoing girl. She has guys who likes her but she doesn't know it. Do not test Jenesis nerves, just because she's shy doesn't mean she won't beat your ASS. Jenesis can sometimes through tough things but her family is always their. Whoever Jenesis talks to will become her friends. Jenesis loves ylher dad to DEATH. Their Inseparable. Jenesis had plenty of friends, they love her like siblings, But once again...DON'T TRY HER FUCKING PATIENCE.
by Jen-ə-sis March 04, 2018
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Cool, cute, handsome, shy, spontaneous, hilarious.
Did you know Jenesis is a cute, cool, shy guy? but once you get to know him, he's really spontaneous and hilarious.
by jentalman February 03, 2010
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A really big fag who likes to suck cock and anal other men
Guy 1: do you know who jenesis is?
Guy 2: yeah, hes the guy who sucked a guys dick !
by sexypinoy January 07, 2010
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she steals your man she not cute and shes a hoe but shes vey cocky like she is pretty
"wtf is Jenesi doing she is not cute tf"
by thatbitch.4 May 10, 2018
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