a vagina that is very wide and open from having many children usually also has a large bush with it.
i saw the bus driver's jelly jar she must've had hundreds of kids, she should also break out the hedge trimmers for that bush.
by Kobe Bryant The Black Mamba April 16, 2009
Yo man, is that bitch gonna let you up in the jelly jar or what?
by DC April 7, 2004
An invitation and/or proclamation to have sex with someone.
Gee Mrs. Crabtree, I'd love to jam your jelly jar!
by BetaRiffs June 16, 2017
(Noun) The act of catching a know-it-all in the trap of pretending that they know what they are talking about.
I asked him to explain what a "flibberwidget" was, and he proceeded to explain it like he knew exactly what a flibberwidget was. I caught him in a Jelly Jar.
by meestamoosta April 30, 2021
Eating out a girls blood clots from her pussy during her period
Lisa on her period and it looks like a Vampire's Jelly Bean Jar down there
by Coonass4life October 18, 2022