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Pronounced Jeff-in-er.

1. This word means Jennifer or Jenifer. Spelling of the actual name doesn't matter. This word is used by small children when he/she have the inability to pronounce such a complicated name.

2. Jeffiner also has been used by very intoxicated persons as a way to say the name Jennifer. It occurs when a person slurs their words.

3. The final meaning of Jeffiner is a couple combination or accidental combination of 2 names at the same time. Jeff and Jennifer together make Jeffiner.
1. "My Mommy's name is Jeffiner." said Jayden who is 3 years old.

2. "Heyyyy, Jeffiner waits up? Opps I ments ta say Jennsafer. Sorry bout da." *Hiccup*

3. Super famous movie stars combined names Benafer, Brangelina
by Jenn3670 February 04, 2010
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