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The educated art of finding and hiding in bushes to escape enemies.
After causing a pursuit, I saw Jordan jeffin it to escape the police.
by Tasedorca June 29, 2017
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The art of hiding from cops, enemies, or just anyone by finding the nearest bush and crouching or standing in it.
i swear if your Jeffin' It right now, I will find you. Which bush are you in?
by Dr. Balbarian September 30, 2017
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(v.) The act of giving oneself manual stimulation or pleasure via hand and penis. It is done by stroking oneself repeatedly; masturbation; jacking off.
Matt: Yo where have u been this last hour?
John: Just catching up on my reading.
Matt: Bullshit, you were probably jeffin it
John: You got me
by willemdafoe February 19, 2012
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