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In Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia. You probably skipped every class and never got caught. You cheat on every test because every teacher at this school is a joke.

At JHS you probably:

-Had atleast 10 bomb threats your senior year

-Slept through ISS because you didn't want to see Ms. Mauck's clown face.

-Smoked pot in the bathroom

-Had Mr. Lukens take your Monster, or had Mr. Watkins chase you down the hallway for your phone

-Had Officer Pat Smith yell at you like she means somethin
jefferson high school tries to seem like a jock school, but the football team can't win more than one game a season. but the drum line is good so everyone goes to see them.
by jhscougar11 April 02, 2011
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Located in northwest Portland, Oregon, Jefferson High School is one of the lowest performing high schools in the state. It has one of the high drop-out rates, and many of its students go on to do absolutely nothing with their lives. Although Jefferson students often claim on attending the high school because they think it will help out their "street cred" they don't realize that their school is named after either Thomas Jefferson (who owned slaves) or Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederate States of America). Students at wealtheir schools often use Jefferson in a negative connotation in their daily speech (example shown below).

There are a couple common misconceptions about Jefferson:

Myth: Police are afraid to go there.
Fact: Police just don't give a shit about the people in that part of town.

Myth: Jefferson is cool, gangsta, hard, or "the shit".
Fact: Jefferson sucks. Period. They can't hold a sloppy turd to most other schools in the state or in the nation.

Myth: Jefferson is cool because their football team did the Haka this season, even after they were penalized for doing so.
Fact: The University of Hawaii did it first.
"That shirt is so Jefferson High School, I can't believe anyone would ever wear that."
by Asshole #1 January 03, 2008
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Thomas Jefferson High School is a public high school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is the eighth largest high school in Iowa. The school's mascot is Jeffy the J-Hawk and the official school colors are Columbia Blue and white.
I went to Jefferson High School (Cedar Rapids, Iowa).
by Breaker-breaker-1-9 April 09, 2015
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The Tightest High School in Portland and in all of Oregon!

-> the best bball team: the Jefferson Democrats
-> hottest black chicks
-> most black chicks
-> only school in the state of oregon, which is in da hood
-> girl fights
-> worst SAT score in OR
-> tightest teachers
-> police is scared to go there

what else can I say?

A: oi did ya hear what happened last night at jefferson high school?
B: no what happened?
A: the Jefferson Democrats kicked Lincoln High Schools Ass and the police was too scared to stop some hot girls fightin
by easy-i May 09, 2006
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