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Broken Penis caused by walking, slamming or, running into something or someone.
haha he jeffed himself when his dad walked in
by jamesyo November 29, 2007
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Jeff: The single most hip individual in the Universe. He is incredibly beautiful, speaks 23 languages, and plays every musical instrument ever invented. He is loved by all that meet him and in fact the Grateful Dead actually followed Jeff across the country for over 15 years. Women can not be in his presence for more than 20 minutes because of dehydration risk. This is due to the spontaneous orgasms they experience upon laying their eyes on him. Jeff is also the kindest person in the Universe and once kissed a sloth which later turned it into Taylor Swift.

Jeff only speaks to beautiful women. If you find yourself in the presence of Jeff you should first give the 2 finger peace sign salute in greeting. Jeff will then bless you by granting 3 wishes. Aftweward, Jeff will fly you to his bungalow on the dark side of the moon and make mad passionate love to you for a minimum of 14 hours. At which point he will stop and make you breakfast. All your former friends will hate you for the perfection you have then become.
I'm going to see Jeff, he's giving me the world.
by Pangean February 08, 2017
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an amazing person who plays guitar, likes alternative rock, and most likely sports a faux-hawk. He is probably athletic and muscular. And tall.
joseph:Hey man did you hear about jeff?
anthony:Him? he gets all the bitches!
joseph:I wish I was more like jeff.
by glassesandglitter October 12, 2011
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Jeff is a kid. He is 14 years old and he is a freaking tripod. he has a huge dick. Like huge like no other. He is also known by his alias Gigantic Jeff or The BIG one.
"hey have you heard about this kid Jeff?" said Scott " This kid Has a Big Dick! ITS HUGE!"
by Scotty The Hotty December 05, 2015
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a nice guy that loves to shower girls with gifts and act like a gentleman. he plays sports and drives a nice car.
damn you're lucky, your boyfriend is a "jeff"
by niggaaaaaa6 January 17, 2011
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The guy who ALWAYS takes a dump at work, he may even describe it to you. Will repeatedly tell the same joke "I just got paid to take a shit!"
Man, I gotta take a Jeff!

Have you seen the boss? He's been Jeffing all morning.
by JrPw November 05, 2010
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