The greatest singer/songwriter of all time. Tragically died before his time but he has a cult following that grows evey year. Songs such as "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" have been massacred by Jamie Cullum and other wannabes. Jeff's lyrics have touched the heart of everyone who hears them and hiis guitar tone is awesome too.
The best examples of Jeff Buckley's work are
Live at Sin-e
Live In Chicago (DVD)
Buy them now
by Will Pigula December 23, 2005
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Jeff Buckley was a singer who died in a drowning in the missippi river on May 29,1997, Jeff was the one of the Best singers of all time and he influenced more artists and bands then any other artists before him such as many canadian bands and radiohead, he was the son of Tim Buckley a folk/rock artist that died traically also (him and Jeff only meet Once) his debut album grace is considered one of the best albums of the 90's and him and soundgarden's chris Cornell were really good friends,he recorded the last songs on his final album sketches for my sweetheart the drunk at his home in Memphis but the album was susspose to be called just "my sweetheart the drunk" and he died on the day he was aspose to record it and I consider him the best singer/song writer of all time and the most tragic death in music

Jeff buckley 1966-1997
Jeff buckley was the Best singer EVER

Nobody is as influencal as Jeff Buckley
by TheBoneThug July 13, 2005
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great song writer with amazing lyrics of pure honesty. Died in the mississipi river in 1996 as the current was too strong. best song is last goodbye.
id marry jeff buckley if he were alive
by coolboy March 31, 2005
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an amazingly talented man with a be, who tragically died in 1996 from drowning in a river...beautiful songs and painfelt lyrics.
he's not that well known to alot of people, his music will live on.
man, jeff buckley is amazing.
by cool February 15, 2005
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Pop Rock, But Beautiful lyrics.
Died at 1996 age 30..
cause of death: drowned at beach while swimming...current was too dangerous.
the late Jeff Buckley Is a pure reflection of his late father, tim buckley, who was also a guitar player.
Tim buckley: Died at 1970s, age 28
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
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