A Modern-Jazz artist. Originally interested in metal bands, like Metallica, his music often has a lot of bass. His live performances are beyond faultless with perfect vocals and so much energy!

His albums so far are as follows:

*'Heard It All Before' - a rare album, only 700 worldwide, recorded using his student loan and sold at gigs.

*'Pointless Nostalgic'(2001/2)- Primarily a self-funded record, but evetually picked up by Candid records. Has a mixture of fantastic covers and own songs .

*'Twenty-Something'(2003)- released 20th October 2003, on Universal Classics and Jazz label. An album of hugely different sounds ranging from songs taken from 70 years ago to songs written by himself and his brother, Ben.

*'Catching Tales'(2005) - released September 26th 2005. This album has a completely different sound and feel to his previous albums. It shows how much he has grown and matured, not just musically and vocally, but also lyrically. It features an outstanding cover of 'Catch The Sun' by Doves. Jamie's best album so far.

*You can also buy the 'Live At Blenheim Palace' album and DVD, as well as Piano/guitar/vocal books for 'Twenty-Something' and 'Catching Tales'.
Jamie Cullum is the only modern-jazz artist with so much raw talent and love of music.
by flyaninnocentlife February 12, 2007
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