15 definitions by cool

A really shitty "player" of the online pimping game, IdlePimps.
Talks a lot of shit, as if he has a leg to stand on, but in reality is really a worthless piece of shit.
My name is DAshiZNIt and I think I am DA SHIT!
by cool March 19, 2004
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the most bloody amazing band ever. well one of them....best songs hey johnny park and my hero. amazingly cool lead singer Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins who is cute...
best album:the colour and the shape, then probably there is nothing left to lose.
coolest video - low IS CLASSIC with Jack Black. learn to fly is cool too though.
anyone who doesnt like this band are idiots with no taste. stupid "emo/punk" fake retards.
stupid emo wannabe - hey have u heard about that new band foo fighters?
normal person - damn u, foo fighters have been around for like 10 years. you tramp.
by cool February 15, 2005
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the hottest group of girls at whitman, they are all best friends unlike all the other girls at whitman who pretend to be friends but really talk shit about eachother. they get to go to the best parties and throw the best parties. and they are just the coolest people ever.. people try to talk shit about them but they are just jealous ...
"those nasty girls are so cool, i wish i was like them..."
by cool March 21, 2005
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