Captain of the Federation Starship Enterprise, NCC 1701-D and NCC 1701-E.
Kicks Kirk's butt.
Little hair.
Real name is Patrick Stewart.
Ok, that's it.
La de dah de dah de dilly dilly dah.
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
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The captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.
"Let's see what's out there...engage."-Jean-Luc Picard
by crazyrabbits June 9, 2005
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Male, balding character in tights who is Captain of the starship Enterprise from *Star Trek : The next Generation*.

He drove a wierd buggy-car in ST: Nemesis,
And was turned into a Borgling at some point. He has a pet lionfish, and was born someplace in California. Among his crew are an android Data, a slightly telepathic Counsellor, Deanna Troi, and a dude with a mustache, First Officer Riker. He likes to order "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot" from the replicator (personally, I think someone who gets into battles every other episode, and has lost multiple Enterprises should have something a bit stronger to drink).

He has a couple of old, paper-bound books, and Violates the Prime Directive on occasion. And, IIRC, his ship's designation was NCC 1701 -D or E or something similar.
Picard : Tea! Earl Grey! Hot!

Replicator *delivers iced latte*

Picard : OMGWTFBBQ!!! Geordi! Get down here!

***loosely paraphrased from short story***
by ST : Voyager fan June 24, 2005
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The most amazing man that has ever graced this Earth. His popularity was renewed by the almighty fabulous amazing website called you're the man now dog. That sexy beast.
Captain - Jean - Luc - Picard - ofthe - USS - enterprise. (Repeat x infinity)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard
by wtf___xandrasON April 7, 2006
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Second Best Captain ,loved by the newbies
can't fight ,see Picard Maneuver
pc correct (aaaaaaaagh)
respects women(fag)
never goes on away missions
drinks tea
made less movies
Catain Jean-Luc Picard will always be Captain Kirk's bitch
by James T Kirk June 7, 2006
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