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One of the cutest,most nicest girls you'll ever meet most likely an Asain. If you ask a guy to rate her , she's an 8 not a 10 but an 8 so really close. She's the type of girl that a guy can flirt with for 2 months but be unexpected when the guy asks her out. BUT, LIKE I SAID BEFORE SHE'S ONE OF THE CUTEST,PRETTIEST GIRLS YOU'LL EVER MEET.
Guy #1: You see that girl over there?

Guy #2: you mean Jazelle?
Guy#1 : Yeah she's really cute.
Guy#2: You like her?
Guy#1: Yeah I'm sure I do, actully I think I'm in love.
by yetivarthoughtful April 08, 2015
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a good person who you can rant to, she loves new people and is very social. good looking and has a decent body.
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by jizzydrizzy December 08, 2017
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"jazz-ell". an adjective.
calling someone a jazelle means that you are literally calling someone a cute asian/australian girl. it can also be used as insult, as in referring to mob someone.
example one;
gangster: don't you come near me or i'll jazelle mob ya bro
innocent girl: don't jazelle me please

example two;
boy: you're a fine jazelle
girl: *blushes*
by sherbetpopstix August 25, 2010
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A brunette girl who is often shorter than most others: one who gives awesome oral sex and lots of it and loves it.
dude after my experience last night im almost positive her name was jazelle, if u catch my drift
by Noremac backwords April 14, 2009
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Someone who cant play halo very well and likes boys called omar.
Hey jazelle . youre not very good at halo 2
by Greg May 07, 2005
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