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A tall, african american, sweet, loving man.

Cares for others and about his loved ones feelings.

Painfully funny, corny, but cute.

Handsome and sexy body.

Cute face, little waist, but a BIG behind.
You know Jayvon.?
Yeahh that awesome Oreo guy.?! Yeahh I saw Jayvon!
by TammTamm2013 August 05, 2011
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A sweet, loving man. He's unique and caring. His happiness depends on others happines. He is very proud of the people in his life. His smile could light up the darkest place. His heart is so big.He accepts people for who they are.He gives the Best advice and he is very wise . He is the most selfless person you could ever meet. He is very good to his loved ones. He is the kind of man that will make a difference in the world. He is passionate and treats everyone with love. He deserves the best in everything he does. He will, no doubt, be successful in life and he will have many loved ones around him for a long time.
You are so lucky to be dating Jayvon.
by jc'sgirl December 03, 2013
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