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An amazing girl who often has the ability to make many guys entranced by her. She most likely is very pretty and has a nice figure along with an incredible personality, however she is very quiet but when she talks it's easy to fall in love. Jayna is normally very caring and loving if you have befriended her and will always be a great friend when you need her. It's quite possible that once you fall in love with Jayna, you will never want to fall in love with another girl.
I love Jayna.
by Urban Dictionary July 19, 2009
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a type of spicy, asian food that is a brownish pinkish color.
Why did you eat that jayna with your sushi you know what it does to your bowels!
by Kyle123456 September 12, 2007
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Jayna is a name of a girl that can be sweet, kind, and remarkably beautiful. They act quite modest at first and never get into trouble or drama, but soon start getting into fights. A Jayna usually is involved in on/off relationships and can never have long term friends.
I just broke up with Jayna again...
"I guess I just have to avoid Jayna" she said sadly.
by DEFINITIONS :) April 09, 2017
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