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An amazing girl who often has the ability to make many guys entranced by her. She most likely is very pretty and has a nice figure along with an incredible personality, however she is very quiet but when she talks it's easy to fall in love. Jayna is normally very caring and loving if you have befriended her and will always be a great friend when you need her. It's quite possible that once you fall in love with Jayna, you will never want to fall in love with another girl.
I love Jayna.
by Urban Dictionary July 19, 2009
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The prettiest gyal you’ll ever see, she sometimes is annoying, but once you get to know her, you will love her💕✨
Jayna is peng
by Jaynagotaman February 06, 2019
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She is literally the only girl who will truly understand u , when u have a jayna never let her go bcz shes going to be the best thing that ever happened to u she is super sensitive easy to persuade to do things but u shouldn't take advantage of her she has the greatest sense of humor and let me just put it out there that she is fkn sexy asf once u lay eyes on her you'll never forget and she is a expert in bed a freak I would say she knows how to please any man or woman, and its just not the sex thats going to drive u crazy once ur lips r against hers you'll never want to leave but she has a lot of insecurities abt who she is so make her feel beautiful. Jayna is loyal and will never ever make u feel that u can't trust her. Here's a tip make sure there's trust in your relationship bcz once that's gone , shes gone , I should know I lost a jayna.
" holy is that a jayna over there or am I just losing my mind "
"If thats a jayna shes mine"
"I want a jayna so bad "
Boy 1:" I want jayna love"
Boy2 : " me as well "
Girl : "don't we all?"
by Yomomsafatbpe August 13, 2018
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