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A girl that you can always trust. She is usually a libra and has many traits that make her perfect. She's caring, loving, kind and generous but don't mess with her. This girl has also got a bad side and you do not want to see that par.
by babyxbaby March 14, 2017
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JAYLEIGH(inc) Is The Combination Of The Greatest People In The World ( Jayd and Kayleigh )
They Have Many Fab Creations Such As Their Own Line Of Photography, Art And Myspace Shizz Plus More...
Nothing Beats Jayleigh Time Tbh (Y)
They Have United To Also Become Next World Superpowers And The Largest Most Successful Company In The World
Girl 1: OMG...did ya see that Jayleigh jus smiled at mee jealous much?
Girl 2: No fair you must feel like well honoured thats jayleigh....JAYLEIGH!!
by JAYLEIGHinc. February 01, 2008
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A girl that gets passed around a lot and has a new boyfriend every week
Allison:did you see her she broke up with her boyfriend and has a new one already and it hasn't even been a week
Mona:I know she's such a Jayleigh
by Ndjsiw July 07, 2017
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