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Jaygen is a loving and beautiful soul. He is a god in bed that will make you orgasim with a wink. He is very good looking, and very hard to find as it is a rare name, so if you find one take im. Jaygen comes with being smart and atractive with many great qualities. The name means a man that is good looking, great sence of humour, smart and caring and loyal to the right woman.
there is no good enough example for Jaygen,
by Mcgann August 21, 2011
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Ancient American Indian name for a horse or wolf, because of their body size, cunning and brains and all round preformance, in a tribe where you are named at around the age of 14 after a givin name, you must prove worthy. When a man is named this it is due to their athletic abilitys, penis size, IQ and ability to pleasure woman. In recent studys they are also called: cute, hot, DAYYUM, sexy, skuxx and many other definitions.
You know Jaygen rite ?

me too, fuck he's sexy aye !
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Jaygen is lit asf has a big stallion and likes slimy oochiebadoodoo's, he also has 2 brothers and a friend named DandyFugginJones
Jaygen be retarded lit tho
by jadedragon 2 February 09, 2018
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