An elongated form of the word “jawnjawnson is extremely versatile word and can be used interchangeably with the term “thing.”
Yo, *points at something* fetch me that jawnson.


Man, that jawnson you threw last night was lit!
by Misty-Ree July 8, 2021
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another term for hoe, usually used to describe your friends
"hey wanna go party tonight"
"yeeeeaaa lets goo, Jawnson!!"
by yurdmoney$ September 18, 2019
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a mixed carbonated drink containing 3/5 black cherry soda and 2/5 lemonade
"Yo young bull can I get one of dem jawnson specials?"
by Deeders Jawnson January 31, 2015
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When you tie a regular windsor knot and leave it tied when your remove it from your neck. Leave it sit in the closet for approximately 1 month as it marinates and molds into its form of an obtuse style of an knot. Thus when you now put it back onto your neck and tighten it up, it is now a Jawnson Windsor Knot. You are now a member of an very exclusive and proud Tie Knot Club that only a select few can say they are part of.
Today at work, Pops seen my tie and said oh snappers, thats a Jawnson Windsor Knot!
by P-W-S September 15, 2010
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