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Javion is a fucking savage ass nigga who has shoe game can dress and pulls tons of girls and he also is always ready to fight
Javion a goat
by The fucking savage March 01, 2017
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Javion is a good friend, and has a big ass dick so hit him up he is about 5'7....5'8 and has a 10 inch dick he can bang 7 girls at a time and not get tired he will also steal your bitch and fuck her so be careful
Damn javion probably has a huge dick!!!
by John bennet December 22, 2016
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Javion is a straight up savage he can pull all the girls and got great shoe game and can steal your girl
Javion is a savage
by Javion finesse kid May 14, 2017
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Usually a very smart boy. He has a crush on girls almost all the time and may be depressed but hides it behind a smile. He's usually not that tall. He likes to make people happy but may hang with the wrong crowd to have more friends. When he get's very angry stay away from him.
"That Javion is really nice. I should talk to him." Girl One

"You do that, he's not my type." Girl Two
by JVTheMan July 15, 2018
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A big crybaby that get beat up by all his sibling and make noise so his momma can here also he think he so hard but really not, always getting beat up by his brother and always on Fortnite , loves to eat up all the food especially cereal
sister : you such a crybaby
Javion : I don't care you always got my name in your mouth you must really want some clout
sister : ok...
Javion : (still carries on for mom to here)
by dogsforever100 August 12, 2018
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