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an amazing person with a crazy personality. A Javen is usually funny, kind, outgoing, good looking, and very smart.
girl 1: "wow look at that guy!"

girl 2: "he is so cute!"

girl 1: "and smart!!"

girl 2: "he must me a Javen."

girl 1: "oh yeah"
by XxMariaxX March 15, 2010
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Javen is the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life. Usually very deep and complex, his objective and creative outlook on life makes him the best for any conversation. He is extremely talented, great at sex, and loves to try new things. He can be detached at times, and is often refusing to change his mind once it’s been made. He’ll easily make someone fall invite love with him.
Wow, Javen is just the best.”
by lilly gibbison February 16, 2019
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Super awesome and always looking to help those he loves. A Javen can be the life of the party and also a great listener.
I just got finished talking to Javen. He's amazing
by iamkingg May 08, 2018
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being called a javen is a very harsh insult. a javen is a jealous, selfish and manipulative person. Javens can also have a slight tendency towards homosexuality or homoeroticism.
"dont call me a javen, i know ive been a selfish bastard lately but thats taking it too far"
by fishman December 14, 2004
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