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A women who is apart of the Jatt race; it is not a caste, but a culture. Jatts are an ethnic tribe, but actually became classified as a caste arbitrarily. Jattis are just women who are proud of their culture and where their ancestors have come from. In contrast to the comment below, they are not women who disrespect their culture or religion.
Jattis are simply proud of their heritage and if somebody stereotypes them in a negative way, it is just unnecessary anger and jealousy over the fact that Jatts are known as strong, proud, and hard-working people.
by Law Student 23 August 21, 2008
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me. hardcore punjabi girls who will fuck u up if you mess w/em
that white bitch was talkin shit so that jatti fucked her up.
by sh0rty February 08, 2005
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Pathetic girls who want to act like thugs!
Punjabi girls who can’t respect themselves, can’t respect their elders, can’t read a word of Punjabi (their own language), can’t name all their 10 gurus, can’t tell the difference between civil and animals consider themselves “thugs” : lets go kick some ass> most likely is what you here from their mouths.

A Punjabi girl who is all about her family and roots and religion, won’t call herself a Jatti. BECAUSE: in our religion there is NO caste system. Why do we have “Kaur” and “Singh” written in our name: is to eliminate the caste system!
jatti: lets kick some ass
Punjabi: Sat Sri AKal
by Indian Punjabi girl April 13, 2007
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1. In Tamil it means underwear. Often used in South Indian Tamil.

2. Can also mean the female version of Jatt.
1. Yo maan have u seen my jatti?

2. Yo dem Jatti's are coming after ur rass.
by outta_control24 May 07, 2007
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A name for the biggest slut and whore. Can be used synonymously.
Jack: that girl over there is like the biggest hoe alive
Mike: yeah because she's a jatti!
by thunder_bolt001 June 22, 2014
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