2 definitions by Oh.shit.its.a.rat.001

Somebody's big ass. Or booty, it jiggles and you can use it in many ways. It's big and an ass.
Guy 1: damn she got the jatty

Guy number 2: yea, ik
by Oh.shit.its.a.rat.001 July 14, 2019
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Probably the most breath taking person in the world. She's amazing. She's the most genuine and down to earth lovely person you'll probably meet. Shes funny and she lovesssss funny people her eyes are so fucking beautiful they're big and soft and you just want to hug her to death and shes so cute and cuddly and it's hard not to love her. It's so hard. Shes so fucking easy to fall in love with. She'll let you know tho, keep your boundaries. Her smile and her laugh is so good. Like you just wanna laugh with her. She's weird and goofy but it's hard to hate. She can be very fucking weird sometimes but I love it I really do. Keep her. Shes one of a kind.
Guy number 1: wow shes so beautiful she must be a ramsha

guy number 2: yes she is. And shes mine.

Guy number one in his head: *damn what a lucky ass motherfucker -_- I need me a ramsha*
by Oh.shit.its.a.rat.001 July 10, 2019
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