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A dance move where you do a fistbump in a vertical position repeatedly to show excitment
Yesterday, we all jatted because we got the best gpa in the school.
by Jattin boy123 May 12, 2017
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JAT is a game played with friends when out at a pub or club. Participants take turns creating as accurate as possible theories about strangers, and as the night goes on, see whose theories come true. JATTING is the verbalizing of the theories, and once you have created a theory about someone, you have JATTED them.
Boy 1 - "Let's JAT that guy and two girls over there!"

Boy 2- "Okay, I think the two girls will make out at some point in the night"

Girl- "Needless to say they will be shafting the fuck out of the each other by the end of the night, and the guy will try to join in"
by Needless to say September 21, 2014
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vb. to jat oneself - when one is so sexually excited that they simultaneously ejaculate and defecate, (etymology: a cross between jizzed and shat)
"man, that Stacey Slater is so fit when I see her I pure jat myself"

"Jesus Alan, did you just jat yourself?"
by toastomdernist April 07, 2009
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1.) JAT (pronounced "hat"): the act of laughing hard, to the point of producing phlegm. Reminiscent of Ralph Kramden (the Honeymooners).

2.) Jose Carlos Abril laughing uncontrollably; possibly spurting whatever he's drinking out from his nose.

3.) Simple, wholehearted, innocent laughter, having nothing at all to do with either jizz or defecation.
"I JAT whatever a squirrel passes by...I sometimes JAT three times a day, JAT JAT JAT!...Oops!"
by magpies_friday January 24, 2012
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A very hot guy with a sexy heart but already has a soulmate called Emma
Oh my god, I really fancy that Jat guy but he already has a girl called Emma.
by cheeky bxby June 09, 2018
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When your friend acts half cat, half human. Common signs of a Jat are: frequent naps, enjoyment of back rubs and love of eating.
by Jatfan#1 September 03, 2016
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Jat is a word which signifies that the person was just owned, destroyed, humiliated, embarrassed, or outright made a bitch. It is done with a patting motion of the hand, the arm extended fully if possible, toward the subject of the Jat, be it oneself or someone else. The hand is waved up and down multiple times while saying Jat.
"Holy shit I just got owned on my test."

"Oh fuck I think I lost my wallet."

"I asked a girl out last night - she told me to fuck off."
by LordOfJat February 18, 2010
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